Packing Lists for Backpackers, Campers and Explorers

Packstack makes it easy to plan your next adventure. Simply add your gear and start building your packing list. We’ll give you a weight breakdown so you can fine-tune your pack.


  • Create an unlimited number of packs
  • Manage your entire gear inventory
  • Assign weights in either metric or imperial units
  • Use predefined categories or create your own
  • Generate a shareable packing list url
  • View a breakdown of weight by category
  • Add notes about your expedition
  • Mark items as worn or consumable
  • Experiment with different pack configurations
  • Plus, many more features in development

Collaborative by design

Packstack’s core application is open source, which means anyone can contribute to the code base and make the project better for everyone.

We also believe that experienced backpackers should share their knowledge. We encourage our users to make their packs public so that other backpackers can be better informed while planning their expeditions.

Check out the open source project